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About Jardins Serenos

We are Portugal’s premier landscaping company, helping others grow their own food and design sustainable green spaces. We specialize in regenerative gardening, landscaping, and agriculture, and are the only service in Portugal providing 100% electric, silent, and emissions-free maintenance.

Farmers Warehouse

Meet Our Team

Freddy Nava

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Freddy grew up in Miami but his roots are from Venezuela. While in the US, his career took off managing large-scale, international projects in harsh geographical environments, where he responded to complex challenges with creativity and ingenuity.


His career took him to Argentina where he resolved to live more consciously and in better harmony with nature. From the deserts of the Patagonian Steppe he moved to Portugal and founded Jardins Serenos, where he realizes his vision through regenerative landscaping and agriculture.

Freddy has Masters degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Industrial Engineering from the University of Miami.

Junior Linard
Operations Manager

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Junior grew up in Brazil where he gained experience as an Architect managing construction projects and later founded an Engineering and Architectural startup designing and manufacturing furniture.


He moved to Portugal to pursue a PhD in Urbanism, while specializing in work safety and firefighting operations, and began a new career in the landscaping industry. His expertise lies in planning and management of complex construction projects. 

Junior has a Bachelors degree in Architecture and Urbanism from Centro Universitário Católica de Quixadá and is currently pursing a PhD in Urbanism from the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias.

Filipa Silva
Agronomy Engineer

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Filipa’s passion lies in protecting the planet and its biodiversity, and she has travelled the world in pursuit of that goal.


She grew up in Portugal where she obtained an engineering education, and later took on projects and studies internationally in Belgium, Uruguay, Spain, and the Netherlands. She returned to her homeland in 2019 and was awarded winner of the National 2019 OPJ contest and subsequently invited to give a TEDx talk on permaculture and its positive benefits. She has vast experience in Agroecology having worked in several regenerative farms and cooperatives throughout the world.

Filipa has a Masters degree in Agronomy Engineering from the University of Lisbon.                   

Gonçalo Pereira
Crew Leader

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Gonçalo has more than 8 years of firsthand experience in all aspects of the landscaping industry, including construction, maintenance, irrigation systems, and direct sales of plants and flowers.


He grew up in Portugal and later moved to Rome, where in addition to gardening he worked as a wine sommelier.

He recently returned to Portugal to pursue landscaping full-time. 

In addition to Portuguese, Gonçalo speaks English, Italian, Spanish, and French.

Rubinei Nunes Filho
Agronomy Engineer

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Rubinei Nunes Filho is a highly qualified Agronomic Engineer specializing in soil management. Since 2012, he has been at the forefront of ecologically conscious agriculture, focusing on integration and regeneration. In Brazil, he was part of the Low Carbon Agriculture Program - ABC Cerrado to help with the recovery of degraded pastures.


After receiving training from the systematizer of Syntropic Agriculture, Agenda Gotsch, and some of his disciples, he has devoted himself to the practice of this and other ecologically based systems.


Rubinei Nunes Filho was also part of the Hortas Floresta project in Portugal. He is an expert in his field and is committed to restoring the environment with sustainable agricultural practices.

João da Silva
Crew Assistant

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João has decades of experience in civil construction and maintenance of large commercial spaces.

Prior to joining Jardins Serenos, he worked in a recycling company where he awakened his passion for care for the environment.

Ademar Vieira
Crew Assistant

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Ademar brings a diverse set of experiences to Jardins Serenos, including woodworking, planting, cultivating, harvesting, and animal care.

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