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We help people connect with Nature.

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Regenerative Landscaping 

Regenerative landscaping provides a holistic, conscious approach towards creating and managing natural environments. Unlike conventional landscaping that saps the soil of biodiversity through the use of toxic chemicals, our techniques give nutrients back to the soil, increase biodiversity, and improve air quality, providing an ideal environment for plants to thrive without intervention. We can also help set up your vegetable patch so you can grow your own delicious organic food!

Low-Noise & 
100% Emissions-Free Maintenance

Conventional landscaping machines are loud and disruptive, blasting harmful fumes at those nearby. Jardins Serenos works exclusively with 100% electric equipment with no emissions. These machines are drastically quieter, maintaining a peaceful environment for people and animals nearby, while benefitting the environment for all.

Vegetable Garden


Regenerative farming asks us to be conscious of how all aspects of agriculture are connected, using techniques that nourish people as well as the Earth, rather than seeking maximum production with synthetic inputs and the indiscriminate use of toxins. Specific practices in soil and land management restore soil and biodiversity, and general principles minimize the use of machines, equipment, and chemical interventions.

We can help build your ecological and economically-sustainable farm with the use of regenerative principles, helping you grow nutrient-rich food while leaving our environment in a healthier state for future generations.

Join Our Family

Become part of our family of nature lovers who share ideas and value best practices from both within and outside our industry.

At Jardins Serenos, our focus is creating great landscape experiences. By consistently exceeding client expectations, we foster an atmosphere allowing all employees to feel a genuine sense of accomplishment. 

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Satisfied Customers

“Freddy's team was not only professional but arrived on time and delivered what was promised, hard to find this type of service in Portugal.”

Dave Reddington

“After doing 5 medium to large size projects with Jardins Serenos, I can vouch for their consistency in delivery and superior workmanship.”

Amelia Banks

“Our Farm was in an absolute mess, we honestly didn't think we could turn it around but Jardins Serenos did and now we have our farm back even better.”

Kenny Stutes

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